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Uzturējās vienu nakti Firstly, we are on somewhat of a budget as we are backpacking for a couple of months The moment that we walked into this hotel we were stared at as if we were aliens and treated with disrespect.

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It was not until Dema Demetry came to see atsauksmes 24 variants that we felt atsauksmes 24 variants relief. He tried his best to make us feel comfortable by providing us with great costumer service. However, Ms. Vee came to see us not too long after she seemed to be in charge at the visprecīzākā bināro opciju sistēma and was very rude.

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Not only do I work in customer service, but we have been travelling in Vietnam for over 2 weeks now and we have stayed in much cheaper accommodations in which we have receive extremely better service as well as quality of room stay. Once we finally got to our room after waiting until Ms. Vee found our booking confirmation, I showered quickly and we went down to have dinner.

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Upon returning to our room and getting ready for bed, I opened the covers only to find a bloody stain on my sheets and the AC did not work well. We told the management that was there at the time and they came to change the bedding, however, we were not impressed They were not empathetic, possibly because they were different staff from earlier this afternoon even though that should not make a difference.

This was by far our worst experience in Vietnam especially because of our treatment combined with how expensive or stay for 1 evening costed us.

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Atsauksmes 24 variants have had MUCH better service for half the price. We are very glad that you remained satisfied by the work of guest relation officer Dmitrii and praised his professionalism.

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At the same time we are very sorry to read that you had troubles during the check in and had to wait for getting your room keys due to some technical reasons.

We are disappointed  that the quality of service did not meet your requirements.

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We would like to make our deepest apologies if you might feel yourself being treated unrespectful. With regard to your concern about bloody stain on bed sheet this is the first incident that took place and we promise to assume measures and better cleaning control for your comfort as well as for comfort stay of all our guests. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by any technical issues in your atsauksmes 24 variants we hope that room you changed met your expectations eventually.

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